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Locally manufactured Building South Africa

We create and introduce innovative offerings to our consumers. We supply superior quality products.

Our Story

Galanz Airconditioning

Galanz Airconditioning was founded through an International brand by our Group CEO in 2006. The company secured and registered its local brand “GAL”, which soon became a household name due to its quality and affordability. Galanz initially traded as an importer of complete HVAC units, but has since partnered with the DTIC to become the only manufacturer of HVAC units in South Africa. Galanz Head Quarters are based in Umgeni Business Park, Durban.

Extruded Plastics South Africa

Milnex Group ventured into PVC product manufacturing in 2019 and founded Extruded Plastics South Africa (EPSA). The cornerstone of this diversification was to manufacture conduit and trunking which would complement and create a competitive edge for our air conditioning business and serve a high-volume niche market with limited suppliers. EPSA is an emerging, wholly owned black female company which has a BEE Level 1 accreditation, with a 135% procurement recognition status. All our products are compliant with the prescribed South African National Standard (SANS) for PVC conduit. EPSA seeks to create wealth, growth, upliftment and jobs by locally manufacturing PVC conduit and accessories at our plant in Springfield Park, Durban.

What we do

We create and introduce innovative offerings to our consumers, supply superior quality products, create strategic alliances with our upstream and downstream stakeholders and contribute to the economic sector.

Our Vision

To be the leading Manufacturer of Airconditioning and related products in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission

To supply superior quality products at competitive prices while growing our business and ensuring sustainability for all our stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Production excellence, Service excellence, Innovation, Continuous improvement
  • Efficiency, Transparency, Mutual respect, Accountability
  • Honesty, Integrity, Socially responsible

Our Pledge

We are committed to applying international best practices at every level, complying with stringent quality control measures, making efficient use of energy sources, protecting the environment and the safety of our people.

Corporate Social Investment

We run a very active Social Investment Programme that encompasses staff training, development and upliftment, skills transfer programmes, donations to under-privileged communities, student development programs.